Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story

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Tales of Horror and Romance, Plus Some Bloody Good Laughs

USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The centuries-old, lovesick vampire Count Wildheim donates some vintage clothing to a charity. His servants leave an item of the Count's in a pocket: a necklace his long dead lover Catherine gave him. He wants it back at any cost and sends his vampires on a killing rampage to retrieve it, into the Goth club scene of Montreal, where two club kids are falling in love.

Who will stop the vampires? Contains a bonus chapter of "Robot Town" by the author. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The Alpha and The Omega. For ages, the Prince of Darkness View Product. Beneath the Boards. Beneath Jim Stokes's shirt is a scar, one last horrific reminder of his old job Beneath Jim Stokes's shirt is a scar, one last horrific reminder of his old job in the police force. Beneath the everyday normality of the village Stormark is a shameful secret, haunting people's dreams. Beneath the floorboards of the lake Crypt Tales: 9 Scary Stories. Nine tales of horror and terror from an Edgar and Stoker Nominated author.

A collection A collection of the author's previously published works in anthologies. From a simple-minded man Give It Back. The Dressler twins share everything, including a lethal kidney disorder. Pediatrician Sal Kramer is devastated Pediatrician Sal Kramer is devastated when only one boy survives transplant surgery, but he's soon considering the unthinkable. Will Kramer reverse his medial ethics before it's too late?

While her suave older brother seduces and feeds on the blood of pretty girls, Karin is a vampire in reverse: she gives back blood to anyone she bites. The other odd twist?

demon girl in all boy vampire school-\ep1\-gacha life

Karin's transfusions give luck and vitality to her "victims. If she doesn't find a victim to give blood to, it gushes out of her nose When her classmate Kenta sees her "donate" blood to a drunk businessman one night, he immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion. This only gets more complicated when Karin finds herself strangely attracted to Kenta.

Darren and Steve are best friends who share a fascination with monsters. Then a visit to an unusual circus and an encounter with a mysterious vampire forces them to make heart-wrenching choices that change their lives in strange and frightening ways. This manga adaptation of Darren Shan's bestselling supernatural novels was originally published in Japan in "Shonen Sunday" magazine by Shogakukan.

This story of a human girl who falls in love with a handsome classmate who just happens to be a vampire has sold millions of books and movie tickets all over the world. Now Korean manhwa artist Young Kim has brought the tale of Bella and Edward to life as a graphic novel, filled with dark drama, romance and yes, sparkles. When Earth's population grew too great for one planet to manage, humans attempted to colonize Mars.

Most Popular Vampire Human Love Movies and TV Shows

On one side is are the Methuselah, a breed of blood-sucking, super strong alien vampires. On the other side is the Vatican and its secret weapon Abel Nightroad, an immortal Crusnik who feeds upon the blood of the Methuselah. As both forces clash, political intrigue combines with sci-fi and fantasy for an epic tale with Byzantine twists and turns. In a world ravaged by a long-ago armageddon, vampires are aristocrats, scientists, and the rulers of the world.

While humans are re-emerging as a force to be reckoned with in this grim world and the rule of the vampires is on the wane, their thirst for human blood remains. In this bleak, corrupt world is D, a half-vampire, half-human dhampir who belongs to neither world.

He has the unique combination of strength, magical power , smarts and elegant, bewitching beauty that make him the ultimate vampire hunter. Saya Otonashi seems like an ordinary high school girl. She's athletic, she tends to oversleep, and she has a healthy appetite. She's got lots of friends and an adoptive family who adore her. But Saya can't remember her life beyond a year or two back.

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And there's a good reason for that. Saya is near-immortal and she has a special gift: her blood can kill chiropterans, a fierce breed of bat-like creatures that feed off human blood. Both the Japanese and U. From the creator of "Ouran High School Host Club" comes an unusual romance between a human girl and a reluctant vampire. Chiyuki Matsuoka was born with a weak heart, and her doctors say she doesn't have much longer to live.

The 13 Best Vampire Romance Anime | Recommendations

Touya is an year-old vampire who hates blood. By refusing to feed upon or partner with a human, Touya is doomed to die as well. But if Touya and Chiyuki exchange blood, both could live for another thousand years. Can a young girl who's dying teach an immortal boy the value and joy of living? Kiyo is a poor but hard-working high school student who inherits a grand but decrepit mansion from her grandmother, along with two roommates who just happen to be vampires. To make things even more complicated, one of them is determined to make her his bride. Kuroboshi is a sensitive soul who'd rather wilt than suck blood without his girlfriend's permission.

But that's where the similarity ends, as "Bloody Kiss" is more like a goofy comedy than a sweeping romance. Giancarlo is a handsome and rich recluse who captivates anyone he meets. But this mysterious nobleman lives in a modern metropolis with his age-old secret: he's a vampire and immortality is his, as long as he continues to feed on human blood.

But when Giancarlo meets Jenny, his heart is stirred, and he tries to reform his vampire ways. This won't be easy when a series of gruesome murders is terrorizing the city, and a detective is convinced that Giancarlo is the prime suspect. With her black hair, dark makeup, skull accessories, and blacker than black clothing, Raven is your garden-variety high school goth girl. Her classmates at Dullsville High tease her, but little can get Raven down now that she's found her dream guy: Alexander Sterling, a handsome and sensitive guy who just happens to be a vampire.

Other than their purely nocturnal social life, Raven and Alexander's romance seems to be going well — until Alexander's half-human, half-vampire cousin Claude comes to town and brings a pack of troublemakers to stir things up. He's rich, he lives in a big house, and he's got a staff of robot maids who serve and protect him. When cybernetic vampire hunter Charley Chrishunds visits, he unleashes an arsenal of swords and explosives upon the Rayflo household.

At the end of the bloody melee, Charley is impaled with a dozen swords, but the two still kiss and make up — or more accurately, make out.

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Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story
Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story
Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story
Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story
Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story Boi Meets Grl: a vampire story

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