Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5

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However, this piece was clearly intended for the recorder and is therefore significant. It was probably written for one of the few remaining professional recorder players in England and shows that a different sound world was envisaged for the instrument. Editor: R. Platt, Faber Music published Some of the sonatas published in this collection also show stylistic elements that point towards a later period. Sonatas Vol. Editor: J.

Sibelius Romance op. 24/9 - Bradley Bolen piano

Jacobi: Edition Baroque published The publisher Edition Baroque announced that they intend to publish all recorder sonatas by Sammartini in due course. Facsimile: Musica, Musica Mark A. Meadow, Basel, c. Print: Les Cahiers du Tourdion Tourd Duets, for Alto treble recorder, Vol. Editor: Gerhard Braun. These new editions are transpositions of Sei Duetti a due Flauti Traversi op.

Winter, Facsimile of the first printed edition published by Arte Tripharia, MFa 11, ed. Antonio Arias Madrid In his extensive introduction to the first printed edition Quantz suggests that his duets are suitable for performance on many other instruments, among them recorders. For example, a flute and a muted violin or viola da gamba; on two violins, two oboes transposed down a tone; two recorders up a minor third Wq Edition Schott published Quadro in G major for alto treble recorder, oboe, violin and B.

Editor: K. Hofmann, Aurea Amadeus BP published Quadro in F major for alto treble recorder, oboe, violin and B. Hofmann, Carus-Verlag The harmonic relationships are indications of the future development of musical styles. Suite in G major Pieces for 2 soprano recorders, 2 Fl. Harmonia Uitgave, Hilversum H. Editor: F. Goebels, Heinrichshofen N published Cassatio in D for Flautello recorder in c2 [sopranino in f2] , 2 violins, viola and violoncello Editor: K.

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Ruhland, Musica Pretiosa, Vilsbiburg. Score and parts MPV-I First printed edition published , also Edition Walhall, EB published This is more likely to have been intended for a traverso piccolo The shepherd's lottery: a musical entertainment; the libretto by Moses Mendez. Bruce, Stainer and Bell published William Boyce scores for a common 4th flute in transposing notation in the pastoral movement of this theatrical work, published in London in , together with voice, 2 horns and strings.

Fasch, Schickhardt, Graupner, Stulick. Michael Schneider, Cappella Academica Frankfurt. According to this the composer of these works is more likely to have been a Prussian regimental oboist and, from , violinist of the Berlin court orchestra. Concerto in G major for alto treble recorder and strings piano reduction. Editor: W. Friedrich, Edition Schott published Concerto in B flat major for alto treble recorder, strings and basso continuo ca Edition Walhall EW published Sinfonia [I] for 2 recorders flutes , 2 horns, 2 violins, viola and bass The recorders act as orchestral instruments; scored for octave flutes in f 2 alternating with fourth flutes in b-flat 1 Sinfonia [II] for 2 descant recorders in Bb, 2 horns, 2 violins, viola and bass.

Minuetti e ariette da battello, 2 vols. Editor: Pietro Verardo, Ricordi published Out of print!

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Sei Sonatine per due flauti dolci contraalti e fagotto Nr. Ariette sacre Nr. According to information from Nicola Sansone, this is for two alto recorders.

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Sonatine varie Nr. According to information from Nicola Sansone scored for two alto recorders. Editor: P. Echo et Narcisse, Opera, Paris Complete edition. Dance of the Blessed Spirits, arranged for alto treble recorder and piano Editor: E. Hunt, Schott ED published Nowadays they are usually assigned to a piccolo flute. However, the latest research has shown that these may have been intended for the recorder. The opera The Abduction from the Seraglio has been a keywork in this research. In: Windkanal , p. An update on the use of the recorder after ]. Zu Gast bei Mozart.

Visiting Mozart]. Editor: N. Delius, Edition Moeck published Incomplete edition of the 6 quintets with a questionable introduction. Soprano descant recorders suit the recorder parts much better.

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Amadeus BP published Terzetto for 2 recorders and violin or bass recorder. Michel, Mieroprint EM published Sei Duetti a flauto dolce e violoncello Unexpected original music of the late classic period with a demanding part for violoncello. Terzetto no. Editor: A. Lorenz, in: C. Reihe: Dramatische Werke, 1. Band: Jugendopern. Bronde International Editions. An interest in historic instruments inspired the young Weber to consider the inclusion of recorders in some of his early works.

The experimental character of this scoring also suggests that recorders no longer belonged to the musical instruments commonly played at that time. The scoring in the terzetto song no.

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No conclusions can be drawn from the simply scored recorder parts as to which size of recorder Weber had envisaged. Editor: M. Sanvoisin, Billaudot. Thalheimer, Moeck, ZfS published Very easy.

List of compositions by Friedrich Kiel

Duos op. Grand Duo concertant op. Concertante duo of the early French Romantic period displaying some virtuosity. Excerpts from The Magic Flute , for 2 soprano recorders Betz, Universal Edition UE 18 published Simplified and abridged duo version of highlights from The Magic Flute in an original arrangement for 2 csakans. Duo op.

Classic and Romantic Repertoire

Editors: H. Tarasov, Doblinger DM published Editor: Ulrich Thieme, Girolamo, G Two Flageolet Songs for soprano, descant recorder flageolet and piano ca. Variations on the March from Aline for soprano recorder flute, oboe, violin and piano. Series: Viennese Recorder Music of the Biedermeier period.

Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5 Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5
Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5 Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5
Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5 Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5
Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5 Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5
Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5 Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5
Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5 Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5
Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5 Five Pieces, Op. 24 Heft II, No.5

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