How vaccinations made my son mentally and physically ill

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Autoimmunity, in which antibodies attack human proteins, is also known to play a critical role in normal brain development, Leckman noted. According to Leckman, if children were experiencing inflammation — a process that promotes autoimmunity — at the time of vaccination, the combination of inflammation and vaccination could have deleterious effects on brain development.

Such data on vaccination timing was not included in the database on which the study was based. Another biological explanation could involve genetic factors, Leckman said. Prior studies in Scandinavian countries and China found that the H1N1 influenza vaccine was associated with narcolepsy. The influence of multiple genes found in specific populations could be responsible, he added. Yale professor of pathology John Rose suggested that the act of vaccine administration, rather than the vaccine itself, could even have an effect on neuropsychiatric development, recalling his childhood experience of being one of the first children to receive the polio vaccine.

The age range of the children in the study is quite sensitive.

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Rose, who developed a vaccine template that was used for the development of the current Ebola vaccine, said he trusts the current process of drug development to establish safety measures for vaccines. On average, a vaccine takes 15—20 years to be fully approved, Rose said. Leckman said the accuracy of the diagnoses reported by the administrative database could also be questioned.

What if giving the meningitis B vaccine to every child did more harm than good?

John Treanor, chief of infectious diseases at the University of Rochester Medical Center, voiced concerns about the database, citing issues of immeasurable confounding variables and the extent to which the control groups actually serve as effective controls. Nevertheless, he emphasized the importance of vaccine safety and further research to understand it. Animal models, Leckman noted, could help establish such a cause and effect relationship by allowing researchers to manipulate and control for multiple variables.

Even the authors noted that the results of the study are too inconclusive to warrant any reconfiguration of public health strategies. Depressive symptoms and immune response to meningococcal conjugate vaccine in early adolescence. Dev Psychopathol. Glaser R, et al. Arch Gen Psychiatry. Brogan K. Altern Ther Health Med. Yirmiya R, et al.

Illness, cytokines, and depression. Ann N Y Acad Sci.

Childhood Immunisation

Evidence for a dysregulated immune system in the etiology of psychiatric disorders. J Neuroimmune Pharmacol. Fu X, et al. Central administration of lipopolysaccharide induces depressive-like behavior in vivo and activates brain indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase in murine organotypic hippocampal slice cultures. J Neuroinflammation.

Yui K, et al. Satoko A, et al.

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Murine hypothalamic destruction with vascular cell apoptosis subsequent to combined administration of human papilloma virus vaccine and pertussis toxin. Scientific Reports 6, Article number: Inbar R, et al. Behavioral abnormalities in female mice following administration of aluminum adjuvants and the human papillomavirus HPV vaccine Gardasil. Immunol Res. The CDC was given money in to do a study of the health outcome of vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids. Because the unvaccinated kids are healthier in ALL areas of health. There are such studies done in other countries such as Germany that prove this.

Furthermore, many parents who connected the dots stop vaccinating their 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th kid. Their unvaxxed kids are healthier by far than their vaxxed kids.

Yet doctors refuse to see that as evidence. Why not study these unvaxxed kids? Our kids and, ultimately our nation, are being sacrificed for profits. Bottom line is, I blame the doctors because they refuse to see the truth or at the very least….. Do provide some reliable evidence, e. The anti-vax lore is full of lies, you know. Such as study is unethical. You cannot ask parents to forgo a proven health intervention, e. Ever heard of the Tuskegee Study? Ever heard of the Helsinki Accords? The fact you start this article calling Robert Kennedy, Jr. Robert Kennedy, Jr. Wanting safe vaccines makes him a safety advocate, not an anti-vaccine activist.

I will say one thing, and that is why is this article being published in a relatively obscure journal like Frontiers in Psychiatry, rather than the Green journal of the APA, let alone a journal like the Lancet, NEJM, or the Journal of Infectious Disease. Peer review means you take the time to check your results by educated reviewers, and look for confounding problems and problems of poor experimental design. You do not take everything at their word. It is curious in reviewing the paper, that all three journal referees were from India, not the United States or Europe.

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That is not meant to disparage someone from India, but why not look at it from several outlooks. I respect that Dr. Leckman is tenured professor at the Yale Child Study Center. Autism Spectrum Disorder, as it is now called in DSM-V is a serious childhood disorder, that can strike about 1 in children at an early age. We do not know its cause, and we wish we could. And yes, it can and is being used by anti vaccine activists. Lekman was willing to be involved in it and still stands behind it. Mrs Reiss, since, 1. If you own any mutual funds, you probably indirectly own stock in a pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines, especially if you invest in a index based mutual fund.

Your reasoning is therefore specious. Dorit, Orac is a surgical oncologist. Please do not imply that he is someone who works in scientific research by calling him a scientist. The only reason you are calling this a bad study is because you do not like the result.

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Once again professor pharma front is critiquing a fine study from a political perspective and not a scientific one. But that is PR, not science. Butt out Dorit, and stick to teaching the law. Stay out of this. You are not a scientist and you are not even an attorney. Stop your racketeering for stakeholders in your dog fight. STOP targeting scientists who publish studies which you perceive as a threat to projected drug profits, and let these dear scientists do their job instead of trying to intimidate them.

Debunking is not science, and your attempt to chill science through suppression and censorship is outrageous and positively despicable. Careful, you really do not want to insult and carry on personal attacks on a person in a public forum.

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  7. A lawyer, indeed any person, has a right to protect themselves from libel and personal attacks.

    How vaccinations made my son mentally and physically ill
    How vaccinations made my son mentally and physically ill
    How vaccinations made my son mentally and physically ill
    How vaccinations made my son mentally and physically ill
    How vaccinations made my son mentally and physically ill
    How vaccinations made my son mentally and physically ill
    How vaccinations made my son mentally and physically ill
    How vaccinations made my son mentally and physically ill

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