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Experience of Scots abroad 1830s-1939

In A Democratic Foreign Policy, renowned IR scholar Ned Lebow draws upon decades of research and government experience to reject both options and set forth an alternative vision of American foreign policy, one based on a tragic understanding of life and politics. In so doing Lebow effectively refutes the claim that power transitions inevitably lead to conflict. A Democratic Foreign Policy will constitute a valuable part of the debate over the next two years about what has gone wrong in 21st century US foreign policy and what needs to be changed.

This macho approach has led to frequent military actions, which often have not been in the country's best interest.

Strengthened safeguards against foreign influence on Danish elections and democracy

This is a discussion well worth having. Houlahan, Foreign Service Officer ret.

With his customary wit, incisiveness, command of history, and appreciation of the tragic element in politics, Ned Lebow provides a superb one. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Our compliance plan, detailed more fully below in the FAQs section, is broken into four categories: i training and awareness, ii compliance assessments, iii internal audits, and iv investigative protocols.

This Foreign Influence resource website is the first in a series of training and awareness tools developed for the UC research community to better understand the evolving compliance landscape. Federal funding agencies have sought to clarify longstanding policies and issued new guidance.

Federal law enforcement agencies have increased prosecutorial activity in unison with the federal funding agencies, and Congress has signed new legislation and sought information on how the academic research community is responding to this evolving issue. The federal funding agencies, Congress, the federal agencies, and the White House have all issued some form of communication, guidance, new regulations or policies related to dealing with the issue of undue foreign influences on research integrity.

China's Influence Abroad: Soft Power or Hardball?

Likewise, Higher Education Organizations such as the American Council on Education have issued briefings and position papers on this topic. Below you will find a list of source documents from each agency or organization. The NSF Dear Colleague letter outlined a few steps it is taking to mitigate the risks in concert with other agencies and stakeholders. Highlights from the letter:. DOE Order Department of Defense Letter raising awareness of efforts to combat foreign influences on research integrity.

This work will help agencies that fund Federal research to develop common standards for identifying and adjudicating conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment from these disclosures. It will also help agencies that fund Federal research to clarify consequences for failing to make these disclosures.

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To support protection of intellectual property, controlled information, key personnel, and information about critical technologies relevant to national security; and 2. To limit undue influence, including through foreign talent programs, by countries to exploit United States technology within the Department of Defense research, science and technology, and innovation enterprise.

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The State Department has issued a new determination under the Foreign Missions Act, requiring members of the Chinese diplomatic corps to notify the State Department when making visits to educational and research institutions, among other entities. Chinese diplomats only need to inform the Department of these types of meetings.

The State Department indicated that the PRC government has chosen to prevent American diplomats from gaining access to Chinese campuses for educational and cultural programming, including programs that encourage students to study at American educational institutions. The new policy for PRC officials is a result of this situation. NIH response letter to Sen.

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  • This information is to assist researchers in satisfying certain reporting and disclosure obligations. Specifically, UCSF faculty and other researchers are obligated to completely and accurately disclose all financial and non-financial interests and support, affiliations, activities and relationships with foreign entities.

    Federal agencies such as National Institutes of Health NIH and Department of Defense DOD have issued statements expressing growing concerns over the potential for foreign influence in the following areas:.

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    Specific guidance will be communicated to the UCSF community in the coming months, but all faculty and researchers should continue to comply with existing obligations, which include:. Best Practice : Any support from a foreign entity whether financial or non-financial or foreign engagement that you would acknowledge in public presentations or publications is something that you should also disclose in grant applications, annual reports and closeout summaries and in university-related COI and COC disclosure forms as required.

    Activities that would meet this definition include, but are not limited to, 1 the involvement of human subjects or animals, 2 extensive foreign travel by recipient project staff for the purpose of data collection, surveying, sampling, and similar activities, or 3 any activity of the recipient that may have an impact on U. Examples of other grant-related activities that may be significant are:.

    America’s Corporate Influence Abroad - American Abroad – Episode 1

    Other Support according to NIH includes all financial resources, whether Federal, non-Federal, commercial or organizational, available in direct support of an individual's research endeavors, including, but not limited to, research grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, or organizational awards.

    Other support does not include training awards, prizes, or gifts. Just-in-Time Procedures. University of California, San Francisco is committed to complying with U. National security and trade protection are the primary reasons for federal export control laws and regulations that restrict the transfer of specific items, information, and services.

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