Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players

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Do you know what horse riding is?

NFL's all-time toughest players |

Did you just write this with no research or anything? This is an opinion piece not an informational. No skill? Excuse me? I will put ou ontop of my horse five feet from the ground and tell you to jump 6 feet tal jump.

Clarke Hinkle

Do you play any sports? Do you know what athletes are? Do you just think that yoiu sitting in your moms trailer writing this article is a sport?

The most popular sport 8n the world. They add extra time from what was wasted. If they still tie they go into extra time, if not then penalties. None of This is True. Ski Jumping is so hard to get the correct technique when ski jumping. In fact it us so hard that most professional ski jumpers start training at age 6. It is such a difficult sport some people have died attempting jumps such as the 90 meter.

Rowing is not a lazy sport either. These professional athletes have to train hours a day every day. You have to have a lot of upper body strength to row. I recommend a book called The Boys in the Boat. This book will prove to you how very hard rowing can be. Distance running does involve a certain type of skill. Speed and stamina. Clearly you have never run more than a couple miles. Try running an ultimate marathon miles. Does that sound easy. Stop trash talking these sports and till you actually have the athletic skills to do them.

In fact none of the sports you talked about are easy the all take a very specific skill set. This is bullshit. My brother does rowing and is at his club six days a week, doing physical training and running before they even get into the boat. In all weather. Thirty five degree heat? Of course. Bucketing rain? Yeah, not easy. Look, just to say, the next time you decide to make a list like this, maybe try the sports first. Wow great logic there with distance running. How can you even compare Clearly whoever wrote this has no knowledge on athletics or math.

Hhhhh really who wrote this bullshit. Have you ever trusted, something with a mind of its own?

Have you ever worked 5 hours a day 7 days a week, doing the same thing over and over again? You could DIE from one little mistake. Our teammate is a pound animal that speaks a different language. You think it may take no skill, but in reality, it requires strength, balance, trust, and stamina, just to name the most important. So think again.

Is horse riding a sport? Is it hard? Like yeah but could they do that same effort 42 times in a row without stopping? In hockey you hit people, the goals are smaller, goalies are bigger, and you are going at fast speeds for pretty much the whole game. You also need really good footwork in table tennis,the grandma is there because there is something in every sport called veteran or senior level competition.

You obviously never even played any of these sports except table tennis whith your brother in the garage I assume. This whole article is idiotic.

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Each sport is extremely tough in their own manner, especially at the Olympic level. I play soccer myself and while flopping can be a big problem at times, it does not cancel out every other tough aspect of the sport, including the physicality and mentality involved to even have a chance. I agree with everyone in the comments seriously learn what your talking about and maybe try controlling a half ton animal with your legs! And how is hockey and volleyball easy? You have clearly never rowed. It is a difficult sport using your full body.

You should check your information because some of these sport is one of the hardest sports there are. In the NHL the hits, hand-eye coordination, and skating are very difficult. Same with the other sports like running, they need to be in the serious fit. All of these sports are difficult, you would know if you played a sport.

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I disagree. Hmm… where to start. Snowboarding: honestly I cracked up reading this. Snowboarding: Snowboarding is really hard, and it is not uncommon to break a bone. Soccer: Although I neither play nor watch the sport, I still recognize the difficulty. Rowing: Rowing hurts. This is not a sport for someone who does not have a significant amount of strength. Equestrian: wow. Do you know how hard it is to stay on a horse while it jumps?

Do you know how hard it is just to keep control over yourself and the horse while an instructor or judge shouts orders to you? You know what? Do you know how hard it is to just put a saddle on a horse? Pony rides do not count.

Table Tennis: your reflexes have to be very very quick. Ski Jumping: I have been skiing for three years, and all I can manage is a 5 inch jump. Skiing alone takes a lot of work, but ski jumping is even harder. Indoor Volleyball: Volleyball can leave bruises for weeks and is really hard. Distance running: this requires lots and lots of endurance.

Alpine Skiing: this is without a doubt one of the most dangerous sports. It requires skill and control.

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I may believe soccer is more difficult than some other sports but still the other sports you mentioned are very difficult as well. Ur an idiot all these sports are hard and soccer is a much harder sport than people realize until they play it. When was the last time you had to jump a course with a horse trying to throw you off after every fence?

Never ridden a horse before, eh?

Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players
Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players
Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players
Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players
Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players Pain Gang: Pro Footballs Fifty Toughest Players

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