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5 Free Apps to Swap, Share and Sell Your Extra Stuff

For me, this would be by number one choice of website as you are only sending books within the UK. ReadItSwapIt claims to have over , books in its library so you should be able to find something you like! If you have a pile of old books waiting for a new home, and you would like to tick off some books on your own reading list then register with a book swapping website. Or, head to West Ealing station and swap your books there!

Books for London : BooksforLondon Bookmooch : bookmooch. West Ealing station. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More.

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Necessary Always Enabled. We then do a huge white elephant style exchange picking, unwrapping, stealing and everyone ends up with a great book to start the new year! I, too, love this idea. We have a very small family, and typically just borrow our books from the library near each of us, but this would be a nice way to share with each other and then pass on to others through Bookcrossing or Little Free Libraries.

My boyfriend and I do this all the time! If I read something I love and think is also in his wheelhouse then I pass it on over to his side of the bed to add to his stack. We both love reading and have recommended many books to each other. I swap books with quite a few people in my life though and have read some of my favourite books this way. A few years back i had my boyfriend read my favorite book, Rebecca.

Ah I love this so much. Rebecca is one of my favorite books as well.

The Great Book Swap | A Cup of Jo

Am I the only who thought the woman in the photo was Joanna? She channels a version of Jane Birkin for sure. Every holiday season, my book club does a book exchange where we swap favorite books!

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When we first got together my husband and I swapped five books each that were important to us, that we felt said something about who we were. We also wrote a little paragraph for each book, to explain why it was so important and where it fitted in our life story so far.

I would recommend it to any new or old! It also lays a great foundation for discussing the books and art that you love together. Not too long ago, I had been asking my BF to read Lean In, but he always had so much of his own reading material, and kept reaching for his own books night after night. Then I thought, since I already had a few of my favorite passages underlined, I would hand him the book and ask him to read the passages only. And he ended up reading all of my favorite chapter!

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Of course I still wish he would read the whole book, but I think breaking it down into something more manageable than a full book cover to cover made the difference. I may have to try that! Better to read the notes than nothing at all. Alex clearly has a thing for books that eventually get made into films starring Leonardo dicaprio! I love This Boys Life too. Definitely one of my favourites. Feel compelled to read Basketball Diaries now. I was gonna say the same thing. My husband and I love to read to each other. Somehow we both made it through high school without ever touching The Catcher and the Rye, so when we went on a road trip up the PCH we chose that as our book.

Neither of us swear much so it was pretty funny to read such a flavorful book out loud! When we first started dating, my boyfriend and I would go into a bookstore and buy each other a book.

It was a good way of learning about each other on a more intimate level. We still swap books a lot, actually. I just succeeded getting him to start Game of Thrones. We will see if he breaks up with me after finishing the first book. My boyfriend is currently deployed and he does a TON of reading during his down time. We also do a book club together where we read the same chapter each night or two and talk about it via email.

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Not going to happen. Maybe it is because we have been married so long… maybe because my husband only reads like Kurt Vonnegut. We both tend to reread whatever our high school freshman is reading in class Scarlet Letter, I am looking at you But this could be a very cute idea for some. Now Netflix binge watch ideas we do swap around. And I will gamely try sci-fi in exchange. I had a boyfriend force me to read Vonnegut once. I never fully recovered. That book caused me to up and join the Peace Corps. I see the old boyfriend on Facebook occasionally, and he has fond Maugham memories. I cannot say the same for Vonnegut.

One day, one day, I will convince my husband that Georgette Heyer is a worthwhile read. I second The Grand Sophy — it was the first book of hers that I read. I agree — NOT embarrassing! Thank you to you and your husband. Close reading, critical thinking, and analysis skills are honed naturally when you can chat about great books over the dinner table. My husband himself is on a Vonnegut kick. My husband and I have been doing this for years—kind of. I am the big fiction reader in the house and I tear through books.

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I was dating this man who found out my favorite book is Jane Eyre. One night out of the blue, he said he wanted to discuss something with me…and promptly whipped out a copy of Jane Eyre! He had been furiously reading the whole thing just so we could talk about it together, because he knew I loved it. Best comment so far! Well, maybe I am.

The Book Theif: Part Four- The Swapping of Nightmares

Yeah, this is so cool. I used to swap books with my mum and it was always fun to talk about it with her. Then she would swap with her friend, and the book will eventually get missing along the line. This is such a great idea! An in house bookclub. I would highly recommend it as thought-provoking date night. Thanks for this great post. Alex can take credit for bringing a great book to this corner of Nevada! My husband pretty much only reads my suggestions! Music is a great swap idea!

I just realised reading your comment that my husband and I do this too. Especially since we have subscribed to Spotify. Love this idea! This is a tough one. I completely agree.

Swapping: Book Five Swapping: Book Five
Swapping: Book Five Swapping: Book Five
Swapping: Book Five Swapping: Book Five
Swapping: Book Five Swapping: Book Five
Swapping: Book Five Swapping: Book Five

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