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The band changed its name to "Void" in , and the following year was joined by Lucien's younger brother, Erik born February , also in the Netherlands. In , even though Void had won that year's "Battle of the Bands" contest on the Witwatersrand, they were still struggling to find a decent paying gig in the country.

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An opening presented itself in Rhodesia — a country where audiences were starved of good live rock music. While spending eight months there, along with drummer Danny de Wet later of Petit Cheval and Wonderboom and bassist Terry Andalis, in the band recorded a cover of the Knack 's current hit, " My Sharona ".

But it was the B-side "Magicia" that took off and reached number 4 on the country's charts. Early in , another change occurred when Wayne Harker took over from drummer, Georg Voros. The members were creating a more finely balanced and subtle fusion of Afro-rock which they called "ethnotronics" , which was different from the more traditional sounds of their contemporaries, Juluka and Hotline , or the rock-based Tribe After Tribe, Ella Mental , Via Afrika, Flash Harry and Neill Solomon's Passengers.

It was backed with the infectious "Dun Kalusin Ta Va", which had become a hallmark of their sound. It reached the no. Later that year, "I Am a Fadget" became the band's third single.

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In this spirit, the three-piece embarked on a gruelling three-week tour from Durban 's University of Natal campus, down the coast to Cape Town and northwards to Bloemfontein , Johannesburg and Pretoria. However, the politics of the country at that time were to signal the end of the band's glorious run of success.

Shortly before the start of their performance in the Eastern Cape university town, Grahamstown , military police arrested Wayne Harker for being absent from leave since December from his compulsory two-year National Service. With Harker discharged in March , the band was able to return to business. The intervening years, however, were leading the Windrich brothers into a period of personal introspection: they had reached the pinnacle of their hopes in South Africa, in hindsight were critical of the production quality of their debut album, and the South African Defence Force was conscripting Erik for his two-year period of National Service.

In the brothers left South Africa for London , where they set up an eight-track studio in their garage and performed as a four-piece with fellow South Africans, Ilne Hofmeyr on bass and Richard Devey on drums. Throughout most of they worked on their second album,.

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Erik and his partner, Alix, a lawyer, are living in North-West London with their daughter and her three children. They did, however, benefit from some lucky breaks and, over the following decade, played many club and festival gigs in Britain and on the Continent , most notably Germany.

Wayne Harker maintained his career in music. After the dissolution of Askari in Cape Town, he was summoned to rejoin the band with Ilne Hofmeyr and record fresh material. He spent about four years in the band in the late s and the early s, which included a six-week tour of Germany. They seem a bit wobbly to me on the Beatseqr videos.

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Taximann (German Edition) Taximann (German Edition)
Taximann (German Edition) Taximann (German Edition)
Taximann (German Edition) Taximann (German Edition)
Taximann (German Edition) Taximann (German Edition)
Taximann (German Edition) Taximann (German Edition)
Taximann (German Edition) Taximann (German Edition)
Taximann (German Edition) Taximann (German Edition)
Taximann (German Edition) Taximann (German Edition)

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