The Invisible Link to Your Dog: A new way of achiveing harmony between dogs and humans

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A: Many dogs can be born lacking confidence. Others develop this behavior as a result of their experiences. These dogs may react with simple shyness to extreme fear, and even aggression to a number of situations such as the way certain people dress, young children, moving objects, loud noises, lightning, and fireworks etc.

The dog ends up adopting the leadership role by default. Having no one to put complete trust and confidence in, and being incapable of dealing with things effectively on his own, he becomes ever more fearful.

Interestingly, in his natural environment, this dog would not have arisen as leader within his dog pack. If the dog is not able to flee from the source of its fear, it can resort to the use of aggression to attempt to drive away whatever it is afraid of. This is an unfortunate situation because this means that the dogs, although in new and better environments, will still suffer throughout the balance of their lives due to these unresolved issues.

The new dog would be quickly indoctrinated into the pack and expected to comply with all pack rules, as reinforced by the dominant leader. Upon acceptance of these rules, the new dog would find stability, comfort, and contentment in his new environment.

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It has gotten to the point where all my mix has to do is walk past the Coonhound and the Coonhound attacks. He is also starting to growl at my family members and myself, even when I'm just trying to put hi s leash on him.

Attachment between humans and dogs

Would this System be of any help, or are things past the point of being able to help him? Don explains that aggression is not removed solely by correcting the actual act of aggression, but also by establishing leadership over the dog first in other non-aggression related training issues. Most dogs' aggression is correctable, often in a surprisingly short time period, providing an owner follows the instructions and applies Don's techniques consistently and at an appropriate level for his individual dog.

Don shows you the safest way to handle aggressive dogs so that results can be achieved with the least degree of stress. You might like to try this as well.

I still want him to be the same "goofy" dog, only better, and sometimes it is his mischievousness that makes him so endearing. A: Your dog will be just as playful, energetic, and "goofy," but with an element of maturity, respecting what is allowed and what is not. Sometimes it takes a short while for dogs to adjust to the new boundaries that have been set, but once he clearly understands the new rules, he will relax, and his personality will shine.

More importantly, he will be happier; more content and fulfilled, as you begin to trust in his good behavior and reward him with the freedom that he needs and deserves! Note: It must be understood that there is a difference between a playful personality and mischievousness.

A dog can be playful and still obedient. A dog that is mischievous is one that, knowing the rules, chooses to test and defy. We want our dogs to be good security dogs. If they become very obedient after the training, do you think they will still be protective and territorial? You will be able to train your dogs so that they discern between what is allowed and what is not, and also to obediently "switch" off the barking as soon as you tell them to.

Many people who get a dog hope that their dog will become a good protector of home and family. Unfortunately, they allow their dog to develop protective traits without having control over the will of their dog, and they end up living with a dog that grows increasingly more threatening to even welcomed guests.

For a greater understanding of the encultured brain and body…

Having obedient dogs will allow you to have control over the decision making process of how much protective behavior you allow. Your dogs will learn to be more discerning when it comes to situations that may be perceived as warranting protective behavior so that you and your neighbors don't have to live with unbridled, unnecessary barking, or other aggressive behavior. My dog does not socialize well with people. A: Socializing is an issue that can be frustrating to deal with because most people hope that they are going to have a dog that happily fits in with their lives and is friendly with the people they meet.

Many dogs are simply born lacking confidence. Unfortunately, much of the methodology that is currently being used by many in an attempt to deal with this issue can often be responsible for making the problem even worse. Any discomfort that a dog is experiencing around people must be addressed for the mental peace of the dog as well as the safety of any person that may come into contact with the dog. Don Sullivan's System will show you how to effectively and safely help your dog to become socially comfortable with people. On the training DVDs, Don Sullivan specifically shares with you his unique thoughts on this subject and offers a demonstration of how to practically apply his techniques.

I have tried practically every dog training method that is on the market and I am still experiencing problems with my dog.

My Dogs Reaction To The Invisible Challenge

I have wasted a lot of money on useless training equipment, treats, classes and books, and nothing has worked. It is a shame that there are a multitude of training devices and information on the market that are useless or, at the most, achieve very limited results. There are a lot of frustrated dog owners out there who have honestly exhausted their efforts and emptied their wallets; they genuinely believe that they have tried it all. My System will bridge the gap between wherever you are currently at with your dog and where you truly want to be.

Rather, it teaches a way of life with your dog; one based on a sound foundation of understanding and respect, with the rewards of praise and freedom.

Publications and news

My System will not fail your dog. I have helped countless dog owners, worldwide, achieve results with their dogs that they never dreamed possible. My System is a proven success. Don Sullivan is a master dog trainer. How can I expect to achieve the same results that he does without hiring him to personally train my dog? Don Sullivan has designed his System to impart his years of knowledge, skills and experience on to you so that you can achieve the very same results that he personally achieves with his own dogs.

A: Absolutely. Even the members of the film crew were astounded to see dog owners realizing amazing results, virtually immediately after learning what to do. A: Don Sullivan's training methods are easy to implement, no matter how many people are in the household, and no matter their ages. In fact, having young children is an opportunity to add distractions and temptations into the training program on a daily basis, which actually places you at an advantage, in terms of the potential results that you can achieve.

Of course, please exercise caution to keep your children safe at all times, most particularly if your dog has shown signs of aggression in the past.

Pet Care and Advice | Petplan

Don's DVDs cover how to successfully incorporate children into the training process. If your child plays with or tugs on the equipment, it can confuse your dog in terms of what is expected of him. It can also provoke the dog, which can be dangerous, particularly if your dog has aggressive tendencies. I foster dogs. I have one dog of my own, and usually 1 or 2 foster dogs at a time I have 2 right now.

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If I start the System with the three I have now, and one or both of the foster dogs are adopted, will the training transfer to the new owner? Also, when I get a new foster dog, how will it affect the dog s already in training, or trained, at my house? A: The new owners of any foster dogs that you have trained using Don Sullivan's System will also need to watch both training DVDs thoroughly so that they can continue to deal with the dogs effectively. If they do not do this, then the dogs will immediately sense weaker leadership from the new owners, and the dogs will very likely revert to their previous ways of behaving.

As soon as you bring a new foster dog into your home, you will need to immediately relate to it in the same way that you have learned from Don Sullivan's System. You will need to train this dog using the same process so that its negative behaviors do not undermine the positive changes that you have achieved with your own dogs. By properly and thoroughly applying Don Sullivan's techniques with your own dogs, you will gain a strong understanding of how to immediately present yourself and gain respect as the pack leader; with any dog.

As long as you are completely consistent, at the appropriate level for each individual dog every dog is different and will need to be dealt with on a different level than the others , you will not only maintain a great relationship with your own dogs, you will also very quickly establish control with any new foster dogs. You never want to leave your dogs in a situation where they could be harmed in any way.

If you do this then the results can be astounding! I have two dogs and since they were little I have always talked to them in Spanish. If I use this System, I don't know if they're going to understand. When you watch the training DVDs, you can simply take note of the commands and other key words that Don uses and then translate them into the language that you wish to use. However, even if you have always spoken in Spanish to your dogs, your dogs are more than intelligent enough to respond to any new commands, and any other key words that you begin to introduce, no matter the language used.

Successful training is not dependent upon words specifically; it is dependent upon supporting your words with action, as well as tone of voice. My dogs have a high drive to hunt and chase most living creatures, from rabbits to lizards. A: Don Sullivan's "Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog" System is directly focused on bridging the gap between having a dog that simply understands commands, and one that will respond as requested under any amount of distraction without the need to be leashed.

Within the 5 hours of instruction that Don has included in his DVDs you will find the answers to almost any variable that may arise with your dogs. As you begin to follow and apply Don's techniques you will see your dogs becoming more attentive and responsive each day. Don explains how to start training your dogs with minimal distractions and how to transition to greater distractions.

There are also suggestions on how to fine tune any remaining off-leash issues you may have if you have a very stubborn dog. I cannot absolutely guarantee that your dog will be accepted as a Therapy dog, but I know that you will have the greatest potential to achieve this goal using my System than by using any other method. Age is not an issue, because dogs are genetically programmed to, for the most part, think the same way throughout their lives.

When you change the way you deal with your dog, you will quickly see positive changes in his behavior. To be a Therapy dog, you need him to be calm, mature, and able to operate well under distraction and around temptations. My training is directed towards these requirements. A: Don Sullivan's System will certainly help with this problem. You will learn how to relate to your dog in a manner that will help to reverse this inconvenient trend. What about anxiety attacks when a dog is left alone at home or in the car? Will Don Sullivan be able to help me with this?

A: This behavioral issue is often labeled as "separation" anxiety. Don Sullivan's training DVDs cover this issue thoroughly. You will learn how to transformation your dog so that he has a sense of peace and confidence in all situations, and so that he is accepting and trusting in those situations where you need to leave him alone for a time. My dog does not behave well at the groomers. If she learns to behave for me, will this help her at the groomers when I'm not around? Unfortunately, dogs are intelligent enough to recognize, very quickly, when they have been left in the control of a very passive, enabling person, and your dog will tend to take advantage of them.

The Invisible Link to Your Dog: A new way of achiveing harmony between dogs and humans
The Invisible Link to Your Dog: A new way of achiveing harmony between dogs and humans
The Invisible Link to Your Dog: A new way of achiveing harmony between dogs and humans
The Invisible Link to Your Dog: A new way of achiveing harmony between dogs and humans
The Invisible Link to Your Dog: A new way of achiveing harmony between dogs and humans
The Invisible Link to Your Dog: A new way of achiveing harmony between dogs and humans
The Invisible Link to Your Dog: A new way of achiveing harmony between dogs and humans
The Invisible Link to Your Dog: A new way of achiveing harmony between dogs and humans

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