The Order of the Soul (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2)

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As the story begins the warrior and bard are admitting some hidden truths to one another - truths that lead them to make some important decisions once they arrive in Amazonia. The Warrior and the Bard - Temptation by Maven. Set fifteen years after the warrior and bard first meet, the story has them leading a life together as innkeepers when they receive a visit from a mysterious stranger - a stranger with a very tempting offer.

Redemption takes place about a year after Xena's death. As Gabrielle makes her way to the Amazon village she is joined by an old enemy. Over the course of her journey, the two reprise their game of Truth or Dare, with a few changes.

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Set in the latter years of Gabrielle's life, it finds the bard once again taking to the road, on a journey to see friends and transfer for the last time a responsibility she was never able to fully embrace. Without her warrior now, it is a journey she begins alone never expecting the unlikely champion that soon begins to haunt her every move - a one time enemy who insists on resuming a game of truth or dare played long ago - perhaps to injure once again Acerca de ese beso.

Honeymoon by Trish Kerr Phopas. It has Xena and the bard, just having recently admitted their feelings for one another, traveling to a little village where they hope to spend some quiet time by themselves. Their plans, however, quickly change when they discover that a terrible evil is plaguing the villagers - an evil born of innocence with a taste for human blood Heart and Soul by Trish Kerr Phopas. It begins immediately after the events in HONEYMOON and has Xena reluctantly putting off a vacation so she can investigate the disappearances of several maidens and the rumored desecrations at a temple of Zeus.

Closer to Xena and Gabrielle than they even suspect is the very culprit they are looking for - a deadly enemy with a game plan for world domination that if successful will destroy the love between warrior and bard and eventually, their very lives. Vacation in Tartarus by Trish Kerr Phopas. After everything the warrior and bard have been through in recent months, the two decide to take a vacation only things don't turn out exaaaaactly as planned when they end up on an island where artsy types get NO respect, the Warrior Princess is idolized and TENNIS RULES!!!!

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Xena and Gabrielle embrace the traditions of Halloween only to find that some of those traditions are not as tame or controllable as they would prefer. Just when you think the writer has revealed the secret of the story, another layer opens up to be explored. This one will have you checking the room behind you just to make sure all is well.

But their night of camping under the stars doesn't go as planned as the spirits play some good old fashion tricks on the two lovers. All Hallow's Eve will never be the same for the Gabrielle and Xena. Academy of Bards EBooks by Lida. Disturbed humor for adult readers; a collaboration written for Halloween Academy of Bards Halloween Extravaganza Can the day get any better?

Well, when she meets her neighbor Sloan, it gets stranger, that's for sure. This might be the story of the end of the world. It might be the story of two souls reuniting.

I'm pretty sure the answers are in the story, but you'll have to read it to decide. Allen Street by Mavis Applewater. Back to Allen Street by Mavis Applewater. Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational Amazon Trails Athenaeum "No one believes in werewolves. And why should they? Werewolves don't exist.

Or at least that was what Samantha thought until one night she saw one. With one swipe of a claw her world was turned upside down and she must learn to cope with the knowledge and the consequences of that night. Xena has to go on a mission to try to get some medicine for the niece of King Gregor who was bitten by a spider. On her own Gabrielle heads for a nearby town where she soon finds herself facing one of her greatest fears and in a race against time to try to save hundreds of innocent souls.

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Academy of Bards 7th Annual Halloween Invitational. For background, this is post-Japa. Mistophene, aka Myst, is a young amazon traveling with Gabrielle from a prior story. They quickly find out that it is hardly safe. Gabrielle is a bacchae all over again and Xena needs to find a way to reach her friend to save her.

Gabrielle is having some dreams -- memories? Beginnings by Dr. Xena and Gabby help Wylan, an old friend of the Warrior Princess, battle bandits who've been raiding the town he and his children have made their home. Wylan, meanwhile, quickly becomes aware of the very strong feelings between his friend and the bard and makes it his business to try to get Xena to confront these. Xena takes Gabby to the colorful Spring Festival at Solanica where the Warrior Princess, and Gabrielle in particular, continue struggling with an attraction neither can ignore now but both still are to afraid to confront.

A Soul Reunited by Dr. The Silent City by Dr. Together now, Xena and the bard are enjoying their new-found closeness when they happen across the ruins of a mysterious city - abandoned With more to loose now than ever, the two set out to unravel the secret of the silent city unaware of the true horror hiding within the ruins. What Price Redemption by Dr. Instead of snuggling down on the couch in her jammies with some hot cocoa, an old, scary movie and her hard-earned bag of candy, she finds herself on a one-way trip to the great hereafter.

Academy of Bards Halloween Part of the Desi and Harri Series. Part of The Birdie Series by onesockbard. Will her friend figure out the real reason behind the attraction before it's too late? Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational. It has the warrior and bard on their way back to the town of Thellus where the villagers have requested their help in trying to solve a series of gruesome murders.

In their search for answers, Xena will find herself once again having to face the sins of her past and turning to the bard who knows her so well in trying to deal with those. Bite Me by Katrina. The Fool by Katrina. The Fonder Heart by Katrina.

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An Ordinary Morning by Absinthe. We of the Undeserving by BadBard. Dark Promise by Katrina and Sharon Bowers. Twilight's Children by Sharon Bowers. The Bard of Avon by Jennifer Bracanovich. Bacchae Versus Vampire by Chris M. A Whiff of Brimstone by Chris M. All Soul's Night by Joseph Connell. Xena, demigod-offspring of Ares, was killed by Callisto a century ago.

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  • Gabrielle recently found Xena's double also named "Xena" living as a prostitute and they now live together. With the former streetwalker named Xena now firmly entrenched in her life, Gabrielle is still amazed at the young woman's resemblance to the warrior who owned her heart for so long. It is a resemblance that goes beyond the physical and stirs an aching familiarity within the daughter of Bacchus. Xena, meanwhile, is trying to adjust to her new life - confident in her love for Gabrielle but uncertain about a past she can't seem to completely remember and nightmares that are haunting her.

    Unbeknownst to the two of them, the forces of evil are at work on a plan to destroy the bard as the daughter of Ares was once destroyed herself. In the shadows, however, a protector lies unseen, watching and waiting for their time of need Beltane's Eve by Joseph Connell. Samhain's Morn by Joseph Connell.


    Passover by Joseph Connell. Under My Skin by Nommo. All Over Me by Nommo. Blood Ties by Ella Quince.

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Angels Dancing by sHaYcH. Blood Bond by Bacchae Bunny. Academy of Bards Link Athenaeum Link. A Picture's Worth by D. Now they must race against time and the forces of evil to stop Bacchus and his sinster plan to rule the world. Will they be able to stop him before the next blood moon rises? For one of them, it may already be too late Amazon Trails Delta Squared Archived. Living in the modern world now, the two have been separate for a few days while attending to separate business. Gabrielle is missing her partner terribly.

    The Order of the Soul  (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2) The Order of the Soul (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2)
    The Order of the Soul  (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2) The Order of the Soul (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2)
    The Order of the Soul  (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2) The Order of the Soul (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2)
    The Order of the Soul  (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2) The Order of the Soul (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2)
    The Order of the Soul  (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2) The Order of the Soul (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2)
    The Order of the Soul  (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2) The Order of the Soul (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2)
    The Order of the Soul  (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2) The Order of the Soul (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2)
    The Order of the Soul  (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2) The Order of the Soul (Vampire Roadtrip Book 2)

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